A-Scent  (W) Perfume Body Oil Type

A-Scent (W) Perfume Body Oil Type

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Our fragrances come in pure oil form; 100% alcohol free. ( No alcohol or water has been added)

*Please read this before you purchase this oil*


Any Trademarked names are used for comparison purposes only. All fragrances were created using the original fragrance and chemical analysis. These are not the originals these are designer inspired scents. Designer fragrance types exhibit similar notes but they may not smell the exact same as the actual name brand fragrances. The purpose of this description is to give the customer an idea of scent character, not to mislead or confuse the customer or infringe on the manufactures/designer's name and valuable trademark. We do not represent our products to be original or do we represent that they are exact copies, therefore they do not violate any copy right laws.